Psychoanalysis and the University Committee

“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel ,24th EPF Conference Copenaghen 2011

“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF Conference Copenhagen 2011   Title: Psychoanalysis and University: Anxieties in Mutual Exchange Chair: Franco Borgogno (Italian Psychoanalytic Society) Presenters: Dominique Cupa (Société Psychanalytique de Paris)Shmuel Erlich (Israel Psychoanalytical Society)Patrizia Giampieri-Deutsch (Vienna Psychoanalytic Society) Abstract: The panel will focus on the topic of the anxiety in outreach, especially with regard … Continue Reading »

“Abstract “Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF London Conference 2010

“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF London Conference 2010   Title: “Who, Where, What, In Which Way and To Whom”: Psychoanalysis and University. Upon and about the results of a questionnaire on the relation between Psychoanalysis and University in Europe Chair: Claudio L. Eizirik Presenters:Franco BorgognoMarianne Leuzinger-BohleberBeth J. Seelig Abstract: “Who?”, “Where?”, “What?”, “In Which … Continue Reading »

“Psychoanalysis and University” Committee Members

    Core Members: Franco Borgogno (Turin) Chair (date of appointment: 1 Aug. 2009) James A. Gooch (Berverly Hills) Co-Chair for North America (date of appointment: 17 Nov. 2009) Pedro Jorge Boschan (Buenos Aires) Co-Chair for Latin America (date of appointment: 3 Dec. 2009) Victoria Castanon de Antunez (Mexico City) (continuing member) Rudi Vermote (Belgium) … Continue Reading »

International Psychoanalytical Association – Psichoanalysis and the University Committee

  Mandate The Committee is asked to review work carried out by and to consult the previous members of the Committee on Psychoanalysis and Society to ascertain current IPA information and thinking on this issue.   General objectives To foster a psychoanalytic presence in the university academic environment. To establish a network of psychoanalysts who … Continue Reading »