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The analytic identity of the analyst and its paradoxes Lucio Russo

Given the task of expressing my opinion about the analyst’s analytic identity, I can do no better than point out two paradoxes which characterise it. I prefer the expression ‘analytic identity’ to the commonly used ‘identity of the analyst’, because the former, unlike the second, is able – by means of an abstract concept – … Continue Reading »

The psychoanalytic identity: five hypotheses for discussion Giovanni Foresti

“That which is different from something is different by something, or in some respect, so that it is necessary that something wherein they differ should be the same…” Aristotle, METAPHYSICS  If you look up the topic of “identity” in the pages of the glorious Einaudi Encyclopaedia you are quickly directed to the entries which conclude … Continue Reading »

The analyst’s identity and the digital world: a new frontier in psychoanalysis Andrea Marzi

It is undeniable that the digital world poses problems and ever more cogent questions, not only for the scientific disciplines and the humanities in general, but also for psychoanalysis and the ethical dimension. If we take for granted a long-standing interest in the psychopathological characteristics of internet addiction and an exploration of possible theoretical and … Continue Reading »

Comments by Joseph Triest

  Thomas Ogden (1992) begins his paper, “The Dialectically Constituted/decentered Subject of Psychoanalysis. Part I – the Freudian Subject,[1]” by quoting the opening words of Hamlet’s first act, spoken by a guard: “Who’s there?” The question can be attributed to the generic subject/patient, whose object (the analyst) disappears from his field of vision. This is … Continue Reading »

The Analyst’s Identity: References 

Tagliacozzo, R. (1976) Mantovani, M.C. (1981). La pseudo-identità psicoanalitica dello psicoanalista. Riv.Psicoanalisi., 27(1):146-153.   Bellanova, P (1980) Formazione della coppia analitica e identità dello psicoanalista . Introduzione.  Panel presentato al IV Congresso Nazionale della S.P.I. – Taormina, 1980.   Nissim Momigliano, L (1991) Il te nel deserto: ulteriori considerazioni a proposito de “lo psicoanalista allo … Continue Reading »