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“Abstract “Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF London Conference 2010


“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF London Conference 2010


“Who, Where, What, In Which Way and To Whom”: Psychoanalysis and University. Upon and about the results of a questionnaire on the relation between Psychoanalysis and University in Europe

Chair: Claudio L. Eizirik

Franco Borgogno
Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber
Beth J. Seelig


“Who?”, “Where?”, “What?”, “In Which Way?” and “To Whom?” are not only the questions that Paula Heimann suggested any analyst should ask himself when exploring the patient’s communications but also the questions we intend to address through the results of the research on “Psychoanalysis and University in Europe” that we are proposing in this panel. How many psychoanalysts teach in the university and where, what, in which way, and to whom do they teach? Who is doing research on psychoanalysis and on related topics, and what precisely are they researching on? What are the main issues they emphasize while combining their clinical experience as psychoanalysts with their teaching, surviving in the Academic world, relating with their Psychoanalytical Societies, and about the future of psychoanalysis, particularly that of psychoanalysis inside the university… ? This is a pilot study which tries to draw a map of the European IPA psychoanalysts working in the university (and, of course, a map of their activities, problems, hopes and anxieties) so to set up a network and to open a debate about all these issues. In this panel the results of this research will be discussed, so that the various difficulties that we experience concerning everything that is connected with psychoanalysis and university may arise and be faced together.

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