“Psychoanalysis and University” Committee Members



Core Members:

Franco Borgogno (Turin) Chair (date of appointment: 1 Aug. 2009)

James A. Gooch (Berverly Hills) Co-Chair for North America (date of appointment: 17 Nov. 2009)

Pedro Jorge Boschan (Buenos Aires) Co-Chair for Latin America (date of appointment: 3 Dec. 2009)

Victoria Castanon de Antunez (Mexico City) (continuing member)

Rudi Vermote (Belgium) (2009) (date of appointment: 24 Oct. 2009)

Patrizia Giampieri-Deutsch (Vienna) (continuing member)

Roberts Michels (New York) (continuing member)

Kimberlyn Leary (Cambridge MA) (continuing member)

Oswaldo Ferreira Leite Netto (São Paulo) (date of appointment: 3 Dec. 2009)

Corresponding members:

David Meghnagi (Rome) (date of appointment: 24 Oct. 2009)

Johannes Lehtonen (Kuopio, Finland) (continuing member)

René Roussillon (Lyon) (continuing member)

Mary Target (London) (continuing member)

Rachel Blass (London) (continuing member)

James H. Hansell (Ann Arbor, MI) (continuing member)

Frederick Lowy (Montreal) (continuing member)

Robert A. Paul (Stone Mountain, GA) (continuing member)

Richard F. Summers (Philadelphia) (continuing member)

Hector Alfonso Ferrari (Buenos Aires) (continuing member)

Hugo Bleichmar (Buenos Aires) (2009) (date of appointment: 24 Oct. 2009)



Shmuel Erlich (Jerusalem) Consultant

Adela Leibovich de Duarte (Buenos Aires) Consultant

Juan Pablo Jimenez de la Jarra (Santiago) Consultant