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“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel ,24th EPF Conference Copenaghen 2011


“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF Conference Copenhagen 2011



Psychoanalysis and University: Anxieties in Mutual Exchange


Franco Borgogno (Italian Psychoanalytic Society)


Dominique Cupa (Société Psychanalytique de Paris)
Shmuel Erlich (Israel Psychoanalytical Society)
Patrizia Giampieri-Deutsch (Vienna Psychoanalytic Society)


The panel will focus on the topic of the anxiety in outreach, especially with regard to psychoanalysis at the University: i. e. anxieties in transmitting and spreading psychoanalysis within academia; anxieties in choosing the topics and methodologies of research; anxieties in relating to the national and local societies and so on. The presenters will address this topic starting with their local experiences and will go on to draw a more general picture. This general overview can be compared and substantiated with the results of a European empirical study conducted by Shmuel Erlich and co-workers since 2003. Erlich, who chaired the EPF Working Party on Interface, investigated the anxiety of psychoanalysts vis-à-vis the University as a part of paramount importance among other specific areas of interface. The panel will finally conclude asking an important question: What are we doing as psychoanalysts at the University in the field of outreach for making ourselves visible and known as well as for recruiting new candidates?



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