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“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF Conference Paris 2012


“Psychoanalysis and University” Panel in EPF Conference Paris 2012


Different perspectives on psychoanalytic research about psychoanalytic consultations and treatments


Franco Borgogno (Italian Psychoanalytic Society)


René Roussillon (Paris Psychoanalytical Society)
Rainer Krause (Swiss Psychoanalytical Society and German Psychoanalytical Society)


Mary Target (British Psychoanalytical Society)


The aim of this panel is to focus on two different perspectives of the psychoanalytic research about psychoanalytic consultations and treatments and to open a debate. René Roussillon will illustrate one kind of research into the couch-plus-armchair setting and the way to overcome the obstacles inherent to the practice of psychoanalysis itself which is individual and applies to the experience of a limited number of cases. The method presented by him consists in a group-based “inter-vision” seminar, which enables to carry out a psychoanalytic “exploration” of “borderline situations” in psychoanalytic treatments. In contrast, having served two legislation periods as one of two elected scientific advisers for the German Federal Commission for the evaluation and payment of psychotherapy, Rainer Krause will report his experiences as a scientist, psychoanalyst and politician (malgré soi). He will examine, in particular, a EU-research project called ILDIMA (Implementation and Legislation of Psychotherapy in the European Countries, such as Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland), and will determine the position of research on psychoanalytic treatments in the different countries. Lastly, linking to her experience of research within the university, Mary Target will start the discussion on the two contributions by Roussillon and Krause, and invite the participants to share their thoughts about this controversial and problematic area.


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