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COWAP Calendar 2012 – 2013



31 March COWAP panel, EPF conference, Paris, ‘Thoughts about gender in initiating Psychoanalysis’. Panellists: Penny Crick and Paul Denis

May 25-26, 2 day IPA/ COWAP conference ‘Medea: Women and destructivity’, Helsinki University

FRIDAY 25.5.2012 (In Finnish)

10.00 Vicissitudes of female revenge. Elina Reenkola IPA

13.00 Women’s and girls’ aggression and strength told in fairy tales. Anneli Larmo IPA

15. 00 ‘My father hit me like a meteorite’. Women as survivors of suicide, overcome destructivity. A-L Roinisto-Dumell EFPP

16.30 Clinical workshops.

SATURDAY 26.5.2012 (in English)

10.00 On Medea Fantasy. Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Germany IPA

13.00 On Medea. Laura Tognoli, Italy IPA

15.00 Screening the film Medea by Lars von Trier

16.45 Closing of the Conference – Elina Reenkola, Anna-Liisa Roinisto-Dumell

19.00 Gala Dinner

Organized by: Helsinki Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy EFPP, Helsinki University Palmenia, Finnish Psychoanalytic Society IPA

June 4-8 Second COWAP Conference in Paris, La construccion de la parentalidad en la adolescencia. Los retos actuales en Mexico y Francia (The construction of parenthood at adolescence. Present challenges in Mexico and France) This is a continuation of the first COWAP conference organized in 2009 in Paris by Teresa Lartigue and Leticia Solis Ponton.

Bilbao, 72nd Congress CPLF, ‘Oedipe(s)’ – a COWAP atelier, with Nicole Carels (Belgian Society COWAP representative) and Panos Aloupis as Co-Chairs. They have received confirmation from Georges Pragier and Evelyne Chauvet for the COWAP panel, and Jacqueline Schaeffer (Paris), Teresa Flores (Portugal) and Jaime Szpilka (Spain) will participate.

21-22 September COWAP conference ‘Women and Creativity’, Genoa

Provisional details: Venue: Palazzo Ducale with Stefano Bolognini addressing the city of Genoa on the evening of 21st.

5 – 6 October COWAP conference, Seattle, ‘Images of Women’

Co-sponsored by the IPA and by the Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (SPSI). Laurie Wilson, Mariam Alizade and Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp are confirmed speakers, with local/regional speakers and discussants to be arranged. Anyone interested in participating in the conference should contact Cecile Bassen ( ) and while further funding to participate is not available, she would be delighted to discuss how they might participate.

10 October, COWAP meeting in FEPAL (Latin America) conference, Sao Paulo

Meeting of COWAP representatives.


Late April, ‘Myths of Mighty Women’ conference, New York

Organised by Arlene Kramer Richards, on psychoanalytic understanding of the fear of and the identifications with powerful women, with papers from Germany and Mexico.


2 day COWAP conference planned by Turkish Study Group

July IPA Congress, Prague

Suggestions of possible themes could be e-mailed to me to collate and put forward.


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