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Summary of some of COWAP’s achievements in 2010


Conferences and meetings

· 26.3.10 First EPF conference COWAP panel: ‘Female sexuality, shame and the body – inside and out’, London
· 3.4.10 –  100 years – COWAP conference ‘Psychoanalysis and Women’, Istanbul
· 17.4.10 ‘Women & Psychoanalysis – 100 years on, what’s changed?’Melbourne, Australia
· 2 – 4.7.10 ‘The female body – inside and outside’, Berlin COWAP Conference
– Met target attendance figures; small financial contribution to IPA to be made
– Institutes have requested copies of the conference papers for seminars on the topic
– Medical colleagues in the audience reported satisfaction and interest in psychoanalysis
– Papers accepted by Publications committee, editors I Moeslein-Teising & F Thomson Salo
· 5 – 6.10.10 COWAP Mini-conference: ‘The functions and therapeutics of intimacy’ (J Holmes) and ‘A Voice Lost, A Voice Found – After the Death of the Analyst’ (R Deutsch)
· 22.10.10 COWAP panel: ‘Women and Psychoanalysis: Reflections on the conditions of women East and West’ IPAAsia conference, Beijing
Papers uploaded on the IPA website

Activities in 2010

· Vigorously promoted COWAP-100 year Events
· Establishing additional COWAP Society representatives
· Started bi-lingual monthly newsletter for representatives and interested recipients
· Updated COWAP IPA closed web page eg with suggested films for gender courses
· Uploaded COWAP conference papers on public page when possible – 9 uploaded or in process of uploading

Publications in 2010

· Diversidad Sexual. Comision de Publicaciones de APA. Editorial Lugar.
· El padre. Genero Clinica y Posmodernidad. Octavo Dialogo Intergeneracional de COWAP, Lima, Peru. Sinco Editores, Lima, Peru.
· Masculino-Femenino. Pasado Presente y futuro. Revista Tropicos. Publicado por el Fondo Editorial de la Sociedad Psicoanalítica de Caracas.

6 COWAP Conferences and meetings planned for 2011

· 5 March Barcelona COWAP conference, ‘Feminine and Masculine today’
· 15 April Copenhagen COWAP Panel: ‘Reflections on gender and anxiety’, EPF Conference
· 20-22 May Chile 1Xth Latinamerican Dialogue, ‘La Psicosexualidad en el siglo XXI: Un desafío para el Psicoanálisis’
· June, Helsinki Regional COWAP conference, ‘Female destructivity’
· August Mexico COWAP panel: ‘Gendered Perspectives on Sexuality, Dreams and the Unconscious’. IPA Congress
* 21-2 October Buenos Aires ‘Son los tiempos de la bisexualidad? Acerca del erotismo y las elecciones de objeto’

Future plans

· To increase attendance numbers through use of the website and e-mail advertising
· To disseminate papers through publications
· To consider revising COWAP committee mandate

Conference news: Updates

4 – 5 March 2011 ‘Feminine and Masculine Today’, Barcelona. Flyer is on the IPA website.

15.4. 2011 EPF Conference in Copenhagen : COWAP panel on ‘Reflections on Gender and Anxiety’

May 20 – 22, 2011 1Xth Latin American Dialogue, Santiago, Chile
International guests include Estella Welldon, Teresa Flores and Magally Huggins from Venezuela on women mourning their husbands who are victims of violence (secondary victims of violence)
October 21-2 ‘Son los tiempos de la bisexualidad? Acerca del erotismo y las elecciones de objeto’. APA, Buenos Aires

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