12-14 Dicembre 2014 Londra-University College Conferenza Internazionale: Free Association Today





Free Association Today

Friday, 12 December 2014, to Sunday 14 December 2014

Free association –the practice of first allowing and then making known all the thoughts that may occur to us without regard to reason, properness or relevance – retains its original power to disturb, but a potential to bring relief and insight as well. At the beginning, it had a central part in the development of psychoanalytic technique. And it informed Freud’s view of unconscious mental functioning. Today, do the principles behind free association continue to be defining ingredients of psychoanalysis? Free association has developed in different ways in different branches of the psychoanalytic method. The Conference will consider some of the ways in which both the method itself and the ideas behind it have evolved. It will address the potentially vital nature of their role in the future development of ideas about thinking, language, symbolism, creativity, technique and therapeutic action.

The main speakers will be:

Edna O’Shaughnessy: Connections and Disconnections

Robin Anderson: Free Associations from the Mind and the Body: The Struggle to Develop a Language of Analysis in Psychosomatic Patients

Rudi Vermote: Free Association: Meeting the Patient Halfway

Time will be given for discussion from the floor. Saturday afternoon will be devoted to Parallel Paper sessions. On Friday afternoon, David Tuckett will be offering a large group Clinical Workshop. Smaller Clinical Seminars will be offered on Friday early evening.

Clinical seminar leaders will include: Robin Anderson, Dana Birksted-Breen, Cathy Bronstein, Michael Diercks, Leon Kleimberg, Chris Mawson, Edna O’Shaughnessy, Caroline Polmear, David Taylor, and Rudi Vermote.

Call for papers

Parallel paper sessions in smaller groups will be held on Saturday afternoon. If you are interested in submitting a parallel paper on the conference topic or connected issues please contact events.psychoanalysis@ucl.ac.uk Abstracts of papers will need to be with us by 1st October 2014.

To register please visit http://www.ucl.ac.uk/psychoanalysis/events/forthcoming-conferences or contact events.psychoanalysis@ucl.ac.uk

This is the third in the series of four UCL conferences on core psychoanalytic concepts: Unconscious Phantasy in 2012 and Transference, Counter-Transference & Enactment  in 2013. Next year’s UCL Conference will be Interpretation & Therapeutic Action