Money Talks: Psychoanalytic Views Inside and Beyond the Consulting Room 19/11/21


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Money Talks: Psychoanalytic Views Inside and Beyond the Consulting Room

Friday 19th November 2021, 16:00 – 17:30 GMT

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This webinar will be in English.

Panellists: Salman Akhtar, Jennifer Davids, Leopold Nosek

Moderator: Silvia Wajnbuch

Jennifer Davids writes: Covid-19 has made many of us more aware of the fault-lines and socioeconomic inequalities in our society. Money has taken on different meanings and generated a range of anxieties. In this webinar the psychic meanings of money will be considered for adult and child patients. The issue of money in the consulting room will be explored. Money is often associated with unconscious phantasy and reveals aspects of our earliest object relationships. Money can feel like an uncomfortable subject to think and talk about. Yet its omission has detrimental costs. Money talks – it has power, can represent security and freedom. In these Money Talks a forum is offered in which to think and re-think psychoanalytically about something described by Yablonsky “as mysterious as sex, as steeped in ritual as religion and as volatile as politics”.


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Silvia Wajnbuch

Chair IPA Communications Steering Committee

Monica Bomba

Webinar Organiser

Elizabeth Danze

Webinar Organiser