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12 Dic 2014, Londra – Parenting Neuroscience Intervention – Conference.


Come utilizzare le più recenti ricerche nell’ambito delle neuroscienze negli interventi terapeutici e di sostegno alla funzione genitoriale?

How can we best help and support children and parents experiencing emotional distress?

By exploring several strands of contemporary research in the field of neuroscience and clinical practice nine eminent leaders in their respective fields aim to shed light on this important question.

The role of attachment and child parent interaction will be considered within a neurobiological and treatment context alongside a range of common issues that compromise parenting quality, including parental mental health problems, addiction and unresolved trauma.

For example, understanding the overlap between circuitries of parenting and addiction are informing new ways of better targeting parenting skills compromised by addiction

Advances in a range of therapeutic techniques in the field of parenting will be covered, including mentalization for parents, attachment informed interventions, the use of oxytocin, mindfulness-based interventions and video-coaching approaches. 

Anna Freud Centre, UCL, Yale School of Medicine

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Peter Fonagy (Anna Freud Centre / UCL) “Parenting Interventions and Epistemic Trust”


Lane Strahearn (Baylor) “About Face: How the neuroscience of infant face perception may change how we intervene with parents”.


Helena Rutherford and Nancy Suchman (Yale) “The neuroscience of parental addiction and its implication for intervention: Can the emotional reward of caring for infants be recovered?”

Pasco Fearon (Anna Freud Centre / UCL)  “Attachment, psychopathology and intervention: key findings and future directions”

Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg (Leiden)  “Sniffing around Oxytocin. Trials with oxytocin administration in healthy and clinical groups


Phil Fisher (Oregon) “All Roads Lead to Rome:  The Neuroscientific Intersection of Next Generation Parenting Interventions”

Linda Mayes and Marc Potenza (Anna Freud Centre / Yale) “The Neural and Psychological Correlates of Adult Transition to Parenthood”


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