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24-26 Settembre 2015, Klagenfurt, Austria. 8th European Conference on Psychotherapy Research.


24-26 Settembre 2015, Klagenfurt, Austria. 8th European Conference on Psychotherapy Research.

The 2015 meeting of the European chapter of the SPR will be held in Klagenfurt, Austria, at the lake Wörthersee.

The meeting will take place under the headline: “Psychotherapeutic diversity: How many approaches do we need?” The title of the meeting refers to the peculiar situation in Austria where 23 different therapeutic approaches are accepted as evidence based within the national health care system and psychotherapy training is basically open for any prequalification.

Mark Hilsenroth, Adelphi University, NY, will give an introductory lecture on the Dodo Bird phenomenon entitled “Psychotherapy Diversity: Many Paths to the Mountaintop”. We look forward to a stimulating scientific meeting with approximately 300 participants.

Klagenfurt is situated in the center of Europe, placed in a three-country triangle between Austria, Slovenia and Italy. The city is the capitol of the Austrian federal state Carinthia. With its beautiful renaissance city, several national parks, the southern alps (e. g. Karawanken) and only a two hours’ drive to the Adriatic Sea with its imperial bathing locations (e. g. Grado, Trieste and Venice), Klagenfurt offers plenty of opportunities for recreation surrounding the scientific program. Furthermore, the university is directly placed at the scenic Wörthersee. Klagenfurt in the late summer will be a wonderful experience that we all hope to share with you! Hope to see you soon in Klagenfurt!

Svenja Taubner, Sylke Andreas, Sven Rabung, Michael Wieser
Local organizing committee

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