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I.P.U. – Research at the International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin.


I.P.U.Research at the International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin.

L’Università Psicoanalitica Internazionale di Berlino (I.P.U.), fondata dalla Prof.Dr.Christa Rohde-Dachser e dal Prof. Dr. Jürgen Körner, ha iniziato a svolgere attività didattica e di ricerca nel 2009. E’ attualmente diretta dal Prof.Dr.phil. Martin Teising, professore presso l’Università di Francoforte e Presidente dell’Associazione Psicoanalitica Tedesca (DPV). v. su SpiWeb la video-intervista (con sottotitoli in italiano) a cura di M.G.Vassallo Torrigiani.

IPU Mission Statement

The IPU facilitates studies, advanced studies and further education as well as research with a psychoanalytical basis. In the fields of teaching and research, it pursues a scientific approach at the interface between the social, cultural, humanities and natural sciences.
It contributes to the further development of psychoanalysis as an applied social science and cultural theory. It conveys psychoanalysis as a science which maps the human as a biological, social and culturally shaped being and which seeks to understand the individual against the background of their personal history and under the influence of the unconscious.
The scientists lecturing and researching at the IPU have gained many years of experience in practice, teaching and research. They enjoy excellent learning and working conditions with the required resources at their disposal.

Analysis, discussion and shared development – on an interdisciplinary level and beyond the limitations of the status groups – represent a defining criterion of the scientific and organisational work at the IPU. The IPU builds up networks and establishes cooperative arrangements with national and international partners in science, training and practice which promote mutual enrichment in terms of content and a positive perception among the general public.
The IPU fosters a (self) reflective attitude in teaching, research and on an application level, a close link between application and research, as well as an interdisciplinary and international dialogue. It contributes to the healthcare of the population.

Research at the IPU ( The IPU’s research profile and research projects )



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