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Lingiardi V. (2015). Teaching psychoanalysis to residents in psychiatry. 49 Congresso I.P.A., Boston, Lug 2015.


Vittorio Lingiardi – Come rendere clinicamente significativa la diagnosi?

Come integrare la valutazione della personalità e dei sintomi del paziente con l’analisi delle variabili del terapeuta e della relazione terapeutica?

Come conciliare una prospettiva ‘nomotetica’ con una prospettiva ‘idiografica’ nel processo diagnostico?

«  [… …]   we realize everyday how many young colleagues feel lost in a biomedical diagnostic world and how keenly they feel the lack of a more psychologically articulated diagnostic system.Too often they feel compelled to “choose” between oversimplified diagnostic labels and idiosyncratic, unreliable and “local” diagnostic language and procedures. Moreover, they often miss the dynamic, relational and intersubjective aspects of diagnosing. Being thrown between the anonymity of rating scales and the challenges of self-referential jargon not only mortifies the clinician’s professional identity, but also dims or distorts the practitioner’s ability to detect and describe the patient’s characteristics and mental functioning ».

Vai alle diapositive presentate al panel Teaching Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy to Residents in Psychiatry, IPA Boston Congress, 2015.

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