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Shedler J. (2014). Interview with Jonathan Shedler


In recent years, pressures from managed care and the evidence-based movement have led many researchers to demonstrate the efficacy of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy.   Jonathan Shedler has been a torchbearer for such research, arguing against the typical public narrative where evidence-based approaches (particularly cognitive-behavioral therapies) enjoy empirical support while analytic/dynamic therapies do not.  In his now famous 2010 article “The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy”, Shedler reviewed meta-analysis research to assert that treatment gains in dynamic therapy are equal to those of other modalities, and that the latter may actually be efficacious due to their use of dynamic techniques. 

In the following interview, Shedler discusses his attempt to bridge research and clinical practice, arguing that being a good scientist requires being a skilled clinician.  

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