Idealisation and persecutory background in the bodily fragment. What change is possible?



The author presents the case of patient affected by a split body-mind both idealized and both deprecated and disgusting. The voice, split from the rest of body, will become a precious fragment for the analytical process and for understanding the inner world of the patient.


Words and voices with their tones and and modulations rhytmed by pauses and silence are the instruments that every patient offer to the analyst every day to go into his internal world. In the case of Bruno (the patient I will present in my paper) suffering from a spitting body-mind both idealized and both deprecated and disgusting, the voice becones the only possible contact and an istrument very precious but that should not be idealized, for this reason by the analyst. In the case of Bruno, it’s a very difficult situation and the analyst needs to recourse to his narrative competence; for example the analyst can daydream about the scene of Ulysses that well represents the evocative metaphor of the physiological splitting, how is described by Bion in "Caesura". Ulysses in the novel of Kafka, seems to have ears well open though is enchained while the wax is the rowers ears who have to be free bodies in moving so to avoid to drive the ship to the catastrophe. One of analyst’s competence is to dream and transform the analytical space in a psychic, narrative and associative lifeboat as it happened to analyst thinking about the movie "Film spoken" to avoid to identify , during an analytical session, with the mother who is seduced by the child’s toy and explods with ship leaving motherless her daughter.


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