Images of woman 5-6 ottobre 2012 Seattle

Images of woman 5-6 ottobre 2012 Seattle

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When: Friday evening October 5 & Saturday October 6, 2012

Where:Nesholm Family Lecture Hall at Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Throughout history, women have been experienced as objects of adoration, attraction, and horror. This conference brings together an internationally distinguished group of female psychoanalysts to examine iconic images of women in art and literature, as well as intrapsychic images of women in clinical material. We will explore what these images tell us about unconscious perceptions of women, and the powerful impact they have on how women experience themselves throughout the life cycle.

Laurie Wilson (NY, NY) on “The Female Body in Art – Adoration, Attraction, Horror”

Cecile Bassen (Seattle, WA) on “Coming of Age: Depictions of Women in Fairy Tales”

Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp (Kassel, Germany) on “The Second Change: Menopause as Crisis and Chance”

Mariam Alizade (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on “Verbal Incest and Its Psychic Consequences”

with Discussants

Arlene Kramer Richards, Phyllis Tyson, Maxine Anderson, and Frances Thomson-Salo

Additional information about the conference, pre-conference events, online registration, hotel discount, and a guide to Seattle attractions available at  

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