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Risposta di Romulo Lander al Presidente SPI



Data: 14 marzo 2014 13:43:58

A: “‘Antonino Ferro'”

Oggetto: Response – -R Lander SPC Caracas

Caracas: March 14th, 2014

Dear Antonino: 

Thank to you and thanks to your Society, for this comforting e-mail.

We appreciate you support  very, very much, since  we are alone in this war.

Please express our gratitude to our sensible and friendly colleagues in Italy.

Here, the intense fights goes on every day.

Dead count during all 2013: 25.000 dead.

Dead count [non official ] last 30 days: 58 dead in the street fights only.

Our moral is in high.

The worse still to come.

Best to all of you,

and don’t forget us.


On behalf of SPC Caracas,

Rómulo Lander,


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